Cross Country Trip

My girlfriend, Rachael, had accepted a postdoctoral position at the Carnegie Institute in Pasadena, CA. With a busy schedule all summer, we decided we would drive out there at the end of August and get her moved in. We also had recently acquired a new dog, Nora, a four-year-old cocker spaniel – lab mix. Nora … Continue reading


Hawksbill Snowshoeing

Having not been able to get out on a trip set for Thursday (my road was not plowed), I still had a desire to get out and make use of the snow that had fallen, and in particular, I wanted to enjoy snow that didn’t suffer from the warmth that plagues the lower elevation. (OK, … Continue reading


ADK Ice Climbing

When a fellow graduate student invited to go ice climbing in the Adirondacks, I was eager to make it work. Despite the long drive that it would take, I had missed out on the few chances to go ice climbing in Virginia, especially owing to the difficulty of having access to the necessary gear for … Continue reading

Doyles + Tye River – Bouldering Development

### Doyles River: After my last trip to Doyles River, I made up my mind that I would return there with a focus on trying out the bouldering. I had tried to take a trip there in December, but it took until today, January 20th, to get a trip there. It was a little bit … Continue reading


Doyles River Fishing

For my birthday, I decided wanted to hike to fish, and returning to Doyles River seemed to fit the bill. I arrived at the Browns Gap parking lot a little before 9am, and decided to hike down the fire road to get to the Doyles Falls.  When I reached the river, I was slightly disappointed … Continue reading


Bishop Trip

This trip had been first hatched well over a year ago. When I learned of the awesome climbing and fishing out there, I was eager to check it out. I also knew of the Owens Valley Radio Observatory; even though I did not expect to find a way to use it for research, I decided … Continue reading


Laurel Fork – Backpacking

After my last visit to Laurel Fork, I was certain I would return, and it was not long before I began scheming a return visit. Having stumbled upon several campsites along the river, I was even more set on a backpacking trip. Once the date was set, the only remaining question was whether Laurel Fork … Continue reading

Jackson River (Hidden Valley)

On June 2nd, I left Charlottesville early to get to the Jackson River. Although ~2 miles to get to the special regulations section of the Jackson is not a far hike, I decided to bring my bike so that it would go that much quicker, especially considering the trail is well suited for a quick … Continue reading


North Fork Moormans River, round 2

My original plan for the weekend was to go climbing, but with the rain in the forecast, I switched to fishing. I wasn’t looking for a big trip, and I reached out to an ex-officer of Outdoors@UVa, Meghan, who had expressed interest in fly fishing. Given everything, I figured the North Fork of the Moormans … Continue reading

A pool above Big Branch

North Fork Moormans River

Having not fished last weekend, I wanted to get out again this weekend, but wasn’t looking for a long drive. The closest river for me with known trout is the North Fork of the Moormans. I have met with success on it in the past, but have generally found the fish to be quite small. … Continue reading


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