CO to CA road trip

Having brought Nora out to Colorado, along with other items to go with Rachael, Rachael drove out to Colorado. Having both been on the road, and knowing we’d have a long road journey ahead of us, we did not travel much while we were based in Fort Collins. Rather than take the interstate all the … Continue reading

Big Blue Backpacking

Having recently completed my Ph.D. in astronomy, and having roughly a month before my postdoc (in France) starts, I knew I’d be returning to Colorado. Henry would soon be leaving for his job in Boston, and we knew we should try to do a backpacking trip before we start our next jobs. Henry had long … Continue reading

Cross Country Trip

My girlfriend, Rachael, had accepted a postdoctoral position at the Carnegie Institute in Pasadena, CA. With a busy schedule all summer, we decided we would drive out there at the end of August and get her moved in. We also had recently acquired a new dog, Nora, a four-year-old cocker spaniel – lab mix. Nora … Continue reading

Hawksbill Snowshoeing

Having not been able to get out on a trip set for Thursday (my road was not plowed), I still had a desire to get out and make use of the snow that had fallen, and in particular, I wanted to enjoy snow that didn’t suffer from the warmth that plagues the lower elevation. (OK, … Continue reading

ADK Ice Climbing

When a fellow graduate student invited to go ice climbing in the Adirondacks, I was eager to make it work. Despite the long drive that it would take, I had missed out on the few chances to go ice climbing in Virginia, especially owing to the difficulty of having access to the necessary gear for … Continue reading

Doyles + Tye River – Bouldering Development

### Doyles River: After my last trip to Doyles River, I made up my mind that I would return there with a focus on trying out the bouldering. I had tried to take a trip there in December, but it took until today, January 20th, to get a trip there. It was a little bit … Continue reading

Doyles River Fishing

For my birthday, I decided wanted to hike to fish, and returning to Doyles River seemed to fit the bill. I arrived at the Browns Gap parking lot a little before 9am, and decided to hike down the fire road to get to the Doyles Falls.  When I reached the river, I was slightly disappointed … Continue reading

Bishop Trip

This trip had been first hatched well over a year ago. When I learned of the awesome climbing and fishing out there, I was eager to check it out. I also knew of the Owens Valley Radio Observatory; even though I did not expect to find a way to use it for research, I decided … Continue reading

Laurel Fork – Backpacking

After my last visit to Laurel Fork, I was certain I would return, and it was not long before I began scheming a return visit. Having stumbled upon several campsites along the river, I was even more set on a backpacking trip. Once the date was set, the only remaining question was whether Laurel Fork … Continue reading

Jackson River (Hidden Valley)

On June 2nd, I left Charlottesville early to get to the Jackson River. Although ~2 miles to get to the special regulations section of the Jackson is not a far hike, I decided to bring my bike so that it would go that much quicker, especially considering the trail is well suited for a quick … Continue reading